Long time, no write!

So sorry for the looong absence and woefully un-updated blog and website. I have never been a good juggler, and, unfortunately, between family, post-fire house rebuild, and art career, I’ve had too many balls up in the air. At the same time, I have never had more reasons to be thankful. My sweet family is a constant source of joy even though my baby girl is too quickly losing her baby-ness.

My little studio assistant. Melt me.

These last seven months tucked away in our tiny rental surrounded by the generosity of so many have truly been some of the happiest in our lives. Even though we expect to be here for several more months, the rebuild is finally finally finally moving full steam ahead. We can’t say enough good things about our insurance company and adjustor and contractor. It has just been a long arduous process dealing with bureaucracy and codes inspectors, but we have rounded a corner and we have WALLS!!!!! Actual WALLS!!! Hip hip hooray!!!

Wally…the new love in my life!

And that crazy art career? I still pinch myself. What in the world? The best thing about it all is that I can actually take no credit for the path I’m on. Sometimes God is just so obvious. I wish things didn’t have to be so BIG for me to see His hand, but I have always been extremely nearsighted. It takes things like the birth of my baby, the death of my best friend, the burning of my home, or the success of my art career for me to give Him the glory. In my daily grind, I am much more prone to miss His presence and rely on myself and get overwhelmed by lists and responsibilities and comparison. One day, I’ll figure it out. One day.

So here is a quick recap of what little e has been up to since the last update:

I had a fantastic show at the Art Event at Lipscomb, my former employer and the same campus as my college! Always good to see former students, colleagues and college classmates at this event.

Booth at The Art Event at Lipscomb

I had another great show in May at The Harding Art Show. I still can’t believe I have gotten in this show twice and done well both times. So surreal. This year I also got the privilege of working on a collaborative art project with the fourth graders. The three paintings we completed together turned out fantastic and they were so enthusiastic and invested in the process.  Refreshing and inspiring!

Collaborative art project with 4th graders at Harding Academy


My booth at Harding all spiffed up and ready to go


Using a little e studio chest and bucket in my display at Harding

I also brought my new 30A paintings down to the Blue Giraffe in Watercolor, Florida on Scenic Route 30A. If you have ever been to this stretch of coast in the Florida Panhandle then you know why all of them sold out by the end of the first week they arrived!

30A and starfish…I'm ready to go back to the beach!

And last but not least, my little e studio line with Creative Co-op has been popping up all over! I still get excited every time someone emails/posts/texts me about a sighting. So if you see little e me out and about, please send me a picture and info about where you saw it! I love to promote people who buy and sell my work. It’s an honor when a storeowner connects with my work and is willing to spend hard earned funds on my line. Thank you, retailers!!!! You don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!

I plan to chronicle my little e sightings in a series of blog posts entitled “little e gets around…” so be on the lookout! Here’s a quick pic from my recent beach trip! I almost knocked two ladies over in my excitement when I spotted these journals in one of my favorite stores in Seaside, FL…Duckies!

little e gets around… Duckies in Seaside, FL! Thank you, Duckies!!!

Hopefully, it won’t be six months before I post again! In the meantime, I have a few upcoming events. A trunk show at York and Friends collaborative new venture, The Laurel Leaf, in Cool Springs Mall on June 22. And the Franklin Art Crawl at Riverside Antiques in downtown Franklin in August.

What a busy season! Prayers that I learn to juggle a little more gracefully in the coming months…

little e

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