Breathe and Inspired


After a fun summer spent loving on my sweet family and having adventures ranging from parks and picnics, swim lessons and Frozen camps to celebrating 20 years of marriage with Mr. Little, I’m finally back in the studio. Seemed like the perfect time to get a new perspective, focus, direction, etc, for little e studio. My business grew so suddenly that I never took the time to really think about how I wanted it to look, how it would work best for my family, how to manage my time, how to run a business. 

Breathe and Inspired…one is a Bible study I just started about making room for peace and contentment and rest. The other is a conference I’m about to attend about how to balance and enhance your creative business and your life. I love that I’ve already learned that God created rest. It was an act of creation, not just a stopping point. What a great reminder going forward in a creative business. Here’s to taking time to renew, refresh, rethink and reboot. 

Just Keep Breathing…

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