Using fabric scraps, paper, string and “oops” paint, Emily Little creates paintings that are full of texture and layers. Emily has always enjoyed being creative but until recently dabbled more in crafts than in art. Refurbishing thrift store and garage sale finds with paint and fabric for an antique booth provided a natural transition into her current style of painting.

Prior to becoming an artist, Emily was an English major with her nose in a book who ended up working with children with learning differences for 13 years. She had always wanted to learn how to paint but had been intimidated by oils and color theory and the more classic styles of painting. Needing a creative outlet after closing her antique booth, Emily took a weekend abstract art class with some friends. The class helped Emily overcome her inhibitions because it utilized found objects and house paint and emphasized expression over perfection. With a garage already stocked with gallons of leftover paint and fabric from craft projects and redoing furniture, Emily began painting every day.

Other than that weekend class, Emily is primarily self taught. Her style developed as she experimented with different mediums and applications until she found her niche with acrylic paints and the palette knife. Emily lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband of fifteen years and her sweet baby girl, Sophie Brown.