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space to create…

February 7, 2014 | no comments.

it may never be this tidy again...

One room at a time, we are making our new/fixed house a home. After a year of nuts-and-bolts rebuilding, to be in fluffing and nesting mode is a pleasant change of pace. Of course, among the first projects on my list was the studio. While I was grateful to have carved out a spot to paint at the rental, it

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Roots and Wings

November 18, 2013 | no comments.


Roots and wings are treasured things when learning how to fly. If roots are deep and branches wide, then when you leap and spread your wings, you'll catch the wind and ride.  -Emily Little Long time, no write...again! Not for a lack of desire to share. More from a standpoint of shifting priorities and the transitional nature of the last year. In the

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A pocketful of posies and my first ...

June 17, 2013 | no comments.


Things have been coming up daisies over in my makeshift studio this summer! Maybe it's because I don't truly have a yard to plant in just yet, although our move-back-in date is getting closer and closer...   Maybe it's because these sunny summer days filled with light and laughter make my heart bloom a little... Maybe it's because daisies are my favorite flowers (along

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May 9, 2013 | no comments.


  Long time, no write! So sorry for the looong absence and woefully un-updated blog and website. I have never been a good juggler, and, unfortunately, between family, post-fire house rebuild, and art career, I've had too many balls up in the air. At the same time, I have never had more reasons to be thankful. My sweet family is a constant source of

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